What are some of the wildest and weirdest nail art trends?

What are some of the wildest and weirdest nail art trends? image 0 food

Wild and Weird Nail Art Trends

Whether you are looking for some fun and unique designs for your nails or you want to try something new and exciting, these nail art trends are here to keep you informed. From Gold wire nails to 3D unicorn horns, here are some fun and unusual ways to decorate your fingers. These styles are not for the faint of heart and can be challenging to explain to TSA agents. However, they are some of the most exciting trends out there.

Oil Spill nails

While jelly nails and negative space designs have been accepted now, it’s time to move on from the oil spill trend. Unless you’re going to try these designs on a friend or have the courage to do them yourself, you probably should avoid anything like dead bug nails or poppable pimple nails. These are designs that should never be made into actual pins.

These designs are a mixture of various colors and textures, with the colors blending together. Oil spill nails look similar to galaxy nails, but they tend to be lighter in the shade. They are also easy to do yourself at home and come in different shades to suit different skin tones. They are also one of the wildest and wackiest trends of the moment and have become a popular trend among fashionistas.

3D unicorn horn nails

Whether you love unicorns or hate them, you can always show your team loyalty with these crazy nail designs. You can also get a 3D unicorn horn to show your beliefs to your favorite team. These crazy nail designs are not practical, as they can puncture the fingers and palm of your hand. Therefore, you should not do this yourself. If you are planning to try these wild nail designs, you must have a companion nail that is long and pointy.

Unicorn horn nails are one of the most popular designs for this season. Unicorns are an endless source of inspiration for many design trends, so it’s not surprising that nail art incorporated unicorn horns into their designs. You can wear these horn-covered nails for a magical look or as part of a more complex look.

Other crazy designs are reptile nails and furry nails. These designs may remind you of a frostbite tree or a snowy field if you have cold hands. However, you don’t have to live in the snowy mountains to wear these unusual designs – they are easily replicated at home and can be easily repeated. However, this style maybe a little scary. The ridges and bumps on these nail designs look very real. However, they blend seamlessly onto the fingers of the person wearing them.

Negative space nails

You’ve seen the negative space nails trend all over Pinterest and YouTube. While it may not be as complex as other trends, this simple but effective technique is a great way to get wild and creative with your nails. Because negative space nails feature an unpainted area, they’re easy to create and don’t require any special tools. All you need is sticky tape and a couple of cans of nail polish.

Negative space nails are among the wackiest and wildest nail art trends. You can create a wavy pattern with a white base or black. You can also use a black or white brush to dab onto any imperfections that might be present. To get the most unique nail designs, you can experiment with different sizes of spots to make them look more natural. You can also use the blunt end to make circular shapes.

Corkscrew nails

If you’ve been searching for the hottest trend in nail art, you’ve probably seen pictures of corkscrew nails. Whether your nails are short or long, they make for a spectacular spectacle. Corkscrew nails may not be practical, but they’re certainly stylish and unique. For example, unicorn corkscrew nails are a popular nail trend right now.

Fans of the rock band KISS will be enthralled by these nails. These fanatics often buy merchandise and listen to their albums. Some have even painted their nails like members of KISS or stage shoes. These fanatics are dedicated to their favorite band, and they’ll have no trouble showing off their new nail design. Sushi is trendy gourmet food, and sushi nails will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of this exotic dish. These nails feature vivid colors and intricate details and look just like sushi!

If you’re not sure about your style, you should avoid wearing corkscrew nails. They look like tools and may be offensive to some people, but many others are totally unrestrained by them. While these designs shouldn’t exist, they’re still trendy, so why not try them? These are some of the wildest and weirdest nail art trends in history, and they’re sure to make heads turn.

Period nails

Colored pencil nails are a quirky and outlandish design, but you’ll have to ask yourself whether you want to wear them in public. While weed looks hilarious, they are tricky to explain to TSA agents. If you’re not sure if you’d like to rock this nail trend, check out some other bizarre nail art styles.

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You may be horrified by this trend, but some people have gone to pierce their nails with tiny needles. It’s a design that should never catch on, but many people are going for it anyway. And if you’re one of the many who’ve thought about it, you’ll know that it’s a unique and unusual design.

Confetti decorated nails with real candles

Sushi nails may be your next best bet if you think sushi is weird. Inspired by the infamous photo of Stormi in her first photo, Nail Sunny has recreated the look. The sushi nails trend is gaining traction, and many have even gone to include real candles! Similarly, confetti-decorated nails with real candles are the weirdest and wild nail art trends.

If you’ve ever seen a sonogram, you’ve visited one of the wackiest nail trends, and it sounds familiar. This type of nail design is commonly used by pregnant moms. It’s a fun design that is painted over the nails. You can also get nail stickers that have real candles embedded into them. There’s no telling how many people have tried these crazy and wild nail art designs, and no one has a photo of them.

The Chinese horoscope predicts that 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog, and this year, you can wear bold colors! However, if you’re afraid of bright colors, you can opt for a traditional winter nail color like coral or beige. These shades can be combined with bright colors for an even more unique manicure. Other safe and fun colors for nails include red, terracotta, and yellow.

Easy Nail Designs For Long Nails

Fruit nails are an excellent choice for those who want to have bright, colorful nails. They can come in many different combinations and even be one color. You can also focus on just the tips of your nails. Placing the design on the ends highlights the shape of the nail. This design works well on all nails but looks especially nice on long, almond, or oval nails. It’s simple yet colorful and can be used on both sides of the nail.


Whether your long nails are short or long, there are numerous options for simple nail designs. Simple nail designs do not require effort, but they can still look impressive. For instance, a soft pink base coat accents a gold stencil design on the ring finger and index finger. You can also use red nail polish, contrasting nicely with a white accent nail. A few leaves painted around the cuticle complete the look.

Geometrical designs are another great option for long nails. The look is classic and looks great on anyone. Start with a clear base coat and two colors. Then, use nail tape to create space around each nail. The accents can be subtle, making the overall effect elegant and classic. If you’re not a fan of geometric designs, you can also opt for nail stickers that imitate ferns and other botanical designs.

Another way to recreate a floral design is to use tape. Use it to trace the shape of a flower, and then add more video on top of it. Alternatively, you can paint small flowers on the left and right sides of the nails. They don’t have to be perfect, just enough to make the design stand out. A little patience and care go a long way in achieving this look. It’s also possible to use multiple shades of green to make a bold statement.


There are many different ways to create fun, colorful nail designs for long nails. This simple design has many variations. You can use any color for the base coat and then paint the accent nails in different shades. Use different colors and patterns to create a design that screams your personality. You can also paint another way on each pin, such as gold confetti pieces or a pink flower with dark pink petals.

You can also use flashy ink, like neon. These designs are trendy during summer, with green and yellow hues. You can go with pastel shades like purple for a more feminine effect. White and purple look good together and are an excellent choice for summer. You can also try a neon-based nail design that will make you stand out from the crowd. However, you should remember that neon nails can be tricky to remove.

A simple yet striking color scheme is the Cute Gem Accents. This design begins with a soft pink base color and then features a gradient of colors with colorful accents. One nail is painted in one bright shade, and the other two are accented with gems. The entire design creates an eye-catching tie-dye effect and looks fantastic in any setting. You can even wear a white tip with these colors.


Long nails can be adorned with elegant nail designs, including floral and geometric patterns. Women often think that more complex patterns are more refined. On the other hand, simple geometric patterns are just as gorgeous, mainly if they use colors like burgundy and steel blue. So, if you want to spruce up your nails, try one of these elegant designs! Let us see how. Just follow these tips for creating sleek nail designs for long nails.

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The Oscar de la Renta design is the perfect springtime choice. This design uses negative space on the nail bed and accents it with sparkly rhinestones. It suits all skin tones and would be perfect for a special occasion. This design also comes in several different shades, so you can experiment with colors to find the one that best suits you. This is one of the best ways to create a beautiful long-nail look that will be the talk of the town!

You can opt for a delicate floral manicure for a romantic spring date. For example, a small heart-shaped flower can be perfect for a picnic in the park. Make sure you choose soft pink or light blue as the background color. Adding a touch of gold can also make it look elegant. However, if you are not confident enough to create a complex design, choose a simple one and add a few black details for contrast.

Oval shape

 Here are some tips on how to create this shape. Then, use your favorite nail polish to make your nails look their best. Oval shape nails are a natural shape and are not particularly trend-driven.

Oval nail designs are flattering for long nails and are an excellent variant of oval-shaped acrylic nail art. Try an oval-shaped design if you are worried that your long nails will look out of place. This shape is a perfect choice for any special occasion; this shape is both practical and beautiful. In addition, it also works well for all types of nails, regardless of length or shape. And if you’re not confident in your own abilities, you can use the help of a professional to help you get started.

An oval shape looks great on both short and long nails. Its slightly curved edges give the appearance of longer fingers. However, a somewhat blunt end will make your fingers look more concise. Oval shape nails require a longer staple, so it’s not recommended for those with short or medium fingers. However, if you already have a length that fits this style, an oval design can also be perfect. In addition, it makes your nails look more extended if you have thick, wide nails.

Checkered print

Checkered print nail designs are an easy and versatile way to accent your nails and add a funky twist to your mani. Try this design on one or two nails or all of your fingertip nails. This simple design can be applied with detail brushes or press-on for added flair. In addition to looking chic, checkered nails will add an unexpected flair to any ensemble. Here are some easy steps for getting your checkered nails looking their best!

First, you need to get a black base color. Next, add small glitter, which resembles distant stars. Finally, apply a clear coat to add shine to your new look! These tips will help you achieve a chic nail design for a night out on the town. If you’re going out for the night, try wearing a pearl necklace and lacy dress to complete the look. This style is perfect for summer nights!

Another tip for creating a checkered pattern on your nails is to use a base coat that matches your dress. This will make the design easy to replicate. Choose a bright color, such as orange. Next, you’ll want to use a different accent on each finger. This design will give you a unique look and match almost any outfit you wear. A little bit of sparkle is fine, too, as the accents don’t need to be perfectly placed for it to look great.

Abstract design

An abstract design for long nails can be a beautiful way to spruce up a mani. The method can come in almost any color and pattern, and there are no rules for abstract nail art. An oasis-themed nail design is perfect for summer! Choose from a wide variety of colors, including shades of blue and orange. Small glitter accents will also add a festive touch to your long nails.

Pastel colors are an excellent choice for this abstract design, which features thick white lines separating different shapes. Use pastel shades and black lines for a striking contrast for an even more colorful design. Another fun abstract design is paint splatters, which feature bold stripes of black and white on a clear base coat. You can use a bright color to accent the pattern, but you can’t go wrong with white.

Another excellent choice for a nail design is a heart-shaped abstract design. Heart-shaped designs are trendy during the Valentine’s Day season, and many people like the candy-colored design. Neon pink and yellow are great accent colors and can create an exciting design with both. Regardless of which shape you choose, this design will surely turn heads. Just make sure to take care of your cuticles and don’t allow your nail polish to chip.

French manicure

To make your long nails look more beautiful, you should first choose a nail design that complements the length of your nails. To achieve a classic French manicure, you should opt for round or square pins. Make sure that your edges are well-trimmed and smooth. You may use a small orange stick to push back the cuticles and a cuticle cutter to get rid of clutter. You may also opt for acrylic nails if they are longer than you prefer.

If you’re afraid of doing your nails yourself, you can try a decal or sticker on your nails. They’re not only affordable but customizable. You can buy millions of different designs and pick the one that works best for you. You can also try an arty design if you want a unique look. But make sure you follow the basic rules of this style to avoid looking, amateur. Besides, you can get creative with this design.

A black base and a red tip make this design unique. This color combination is reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s shoes. Wearing black nail polish is a simple and effective way to make a fashion statement. The color combination of black and red is synonymous with power, sophistication, passion, and danger. However, if you want to embrace your femininity, a black nail design with a red tip is a perfect option. You can add a winged makeup look to enhance the design or go for a deep red lipstick.

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