Korean Nails – Top Nail Art Trends 2020

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As a person who spends hr after hr shamelessly scrolling through my Instagram Discover feed, I’ve encountered my fair share of brand-new and also innovative nail fads that have obtained me going, “What!!! How can I get that appearance?”

Eventually, I began seeing this usual nail design that looked something like this:

And likewise similar to this:

The glass nail trend is simply one of many nail patterns that have found their means across the globe, coming from right from the trendsetting, talented, as well as extremely imaginative nation of South Korea.

Oriental Toenail Art Leads the Market

South Korea is familiar with being the leader in every little thing they do (did someone say KPOP?), as well as you can add nail styles to the lengthy checklist of global developments this country is understood for.

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Nails used to be a forgotten function where the appeal focus was primarily on hair, make-up, and clothing.


Nails are essential. Kate Middleton does not obtain married to the future king of England without a perfect set of naked nails at her wedding event. Cardi B would not be captured dead without a full-fledged collection of blinged-out claws despite the day of the week. You would not most likely to a work interview with a half fading manicure with raggedy ideas. Individuals currently value and also understand that nails are a vital part of one’s discussion, and a method for innovative skill to make their aesthetic mark on the globe.

However major changes similar to this don’t transpire simply even if. No, it needs somebody with a passion and also unique skill to get everybody to listen. As well as one artist that has had a critical function in this movement would be Park Eun Kyung.

Owner of Toenail Studio Unistella– Park Eun Kyung

We’ve sung our applauds to Park before in our roundup blog post concerning our favorite BLACKPINK nails — all designed by Park herself. And also if doing nail designs for the greatest lady group on the planet wasn’t sufficient to attribute her name, Park is a master and leader of her craft.

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We provide credit report where credit rating schedules. From the hashtags #brokenglassnail to #gemstonenails to #negativespacenails, Park is in charge of much of the nail trends you will certainly see below. If you required anymore reason to understand why she is the leader in nail layouts, let’s study the complying with portfolio of one of the most popular as well as innovative Oriental nail patterns.

Oriental Nail Trend # 1: Syrup Nails

These nails are a pattern that were exceptionally prominent a while back in Japan and also are now a preferred trend in Korea. Syrup nails appear translucent beginning with the follicle then the color slowly melts as well as suppresses right into a darker suggestion. Comparable to an ombre gradation, yet only with one color as opposed to two by using successive layers of a single color. This nail layout can be performed with any shade but is typically made with pinks, purples, and also various other lighter shades.

Korean Nail Pattern # 2: Glass Nails

This nail trend looks precisely as its name appears. Glass nails, also referred to as the shattered glass nail pattern, are nails covered in holographic or seashell fragments. When the items are put together, they often resemble rubies or other gems with cracks.

Oriental Toenail Fad # 3: Marbled Nails

This nail layout was made to replicate the similarity marbled gemstones like Purples. Making use of over cast white with light colors like purple and pink, this nail art gives the excellent marbled appearance.

Oriental Toenail Trend # 4: Lipstick Nails

Forget your traditional almond or heel shaped nail, Oriental nail art has once again transformed the video game with the intro of lipstick nails.

Oriental Nail Trend # 5: Pixie Dirt Art Accent Toenail

Oriental Nail Art Trend # 6: Tye Dye Nails

Korean Nail Art Pattern # 7: Cloud Nails

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