5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home with Fingernails2Go?

5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home with Fingernails2Go? image 0 how-to

5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home With Fingernails2Go?

5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home with Fingernails2Go? image 1

There are many ways to create nail art, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. You can create polka dots, marbled designs, and even a Santa Claus cap. Here are some easy methods to try at home, including:

Easy polka design

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Try this easy polka design if you love polka dots and want to give your nails a fun, colorful look. Simply divide each pin in half with a slanting line in the middle. On one side, paint the base white and the other side orange. Place your orange dots in the spaces between the white dots. Repeat on the other nail. To create a three-dimensional effect, repeat the process for each finger.

For a more traditional look, use large dots. Dots should sit on the line. For a more detailed look, combine different colors and shapes of dots. You can even combine different sizes and shapes of beads and use a single color for a more sophisticated look. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. Then, repeat for your other fingers. Once you’ve completed all your fingers, you’re ready to add a funky polka design to your nails!

Try using blue and white nail polish for a fun and vibrant polka design. Blue and white nail polish work nicely together and make polka dot designs look more glam. Gold and silver are another excellent color combination. If you want to be a bit more sophisticated, you can add glitter or other embellishments. A simple polka dot design can be created in less than five minutes.

Santa Claus cap

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Christmas season is just around the corner, so why not give your fingernails a festive twist by using a Santa Claus cap nail art design? You can use other Christmas nail designs such as reindeer and Christmas trees to create a festive look. To create a lively Santa hat nail design, you can use nail polish, a nail striper, and a thin brush.

Marbled design

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Marbled design with Fingernails2go is a popular trend in the nail art world. It can be a challenging design to master without help. A nail printing machine can provide the necessary guidance to nail artists. The device allows users to create a marbled design by printing their choice of design on their nails. The user must first choose their base color from the database and then upload the design to the app to make this effect. Then, let the magic begin!

To create the effect of marble, you must apply a base coat and one or two coats of color. Squiggly lines can be used.

Another option is using a digital nail printer. Fingernails2Go uses the latest technology to print intricate designs on the nails. The printer uses HP print technology and FDA-approved inks to create a high-quality and fun design. The printers also offer a tablet, letting users choose from a library of designs or upload their own images. This means that a woman can wear a plan she can only dream of wearing in minutes.

Palm tree design

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Create your own palm tree nails with this simple, easy-to-create nail art design. This silhouette design is excellent for beach vacations. It requires basic drawing and color texturizing skills, so you can create it with or without a professional. The best part is that you don’t need a nail artist to create this design! You can even make several versions of this design and wear them on different occasions.

Paint a row of palm trees on your nails for a more realistic look. You can even create a sunset effect on the nails by using a purple or orange polish. For a textured finish, use loose glitters in transparent nail polish. Make sure you use a brush with a fine-tipped tip to apply the glitters evenly. Then use a fan brush to add the glitter to your nail.

A simple palm tree design can be painted on your fingers, toes, and toenails. A pink thumb is complemented by an orange ombre. The design is a perfect match for summer dresses full of vibrant colors. However, if you’re not into nail art, consider painting a pair of black palm trees on your fingers to create a chic and edgy look.

Monochrome manicures

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If you love the look of a monochrome manicure, you’ve come to the right place. This simple yet striking style is perfect for every occasion, from formal events to casual outings. The wide variety of colors and styles means that you can find one to fit your style. In addition to being easy to apply, fingernails created in this style are durable and long-lasting.

The Blonds, a New York-based fashion house, created these ghetto-fabulous designs to match their collection. These designs are fun and outrageous and are ideal for fashionistas who want to express themselves through their looks. Fingernails2Go’s kiosk is packed with fun nail designs that will keep your hands looking stylish and your fingers looking great.

Best 15 Nail Art Ideas for 2023

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The color trends for the next decade are polka dots, neon nails, and color-blocking. Here are some nail art ideas to inspire your creativity:

Neon nails

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The bright neon color is still the rage for the upcoming year, so let’s look at some great ideas for incorporating neon into your next manicure. While an intricate neon nail design can be intimidating, it is eye-catching and fun. While you may not think neon is suitable for your nails, a great nail artist can make a neon manicure look classy and natural. Keep reading to find out more about neon nail art trends for 2023!

Classic neon nails feature bright dots on a nude background. To create this look, you can combine French and neon nails. Just make sure that your beads are of the same size and shape. A classic neon manicure requires solid hand painting skills and a creative design. You will need to start with the back of your nail and work your way forward. For this look, you’ll need to start from the back tip and gradually increase the size of the dots until they reach the front.


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Summer is here, and color blocking is in vogue. You can try adding pop colors to your summer nails for a playful touch or stick with natural tones for an elegant look. On the other hand, Chevron tips create an arrow effect that draws the eye downwards. These designs work well with different color combinations, too. They’re also easy to achieve, so you can try them out without much trouble.

Another trend for summer is to try all-pink nails! This trend is perfect for the hotter weather, but if you don’t want to go all pink, you can try a mixture of two or three different colors. Or you can use a combination of two or three colors or make your nails unique by using an organic blend of several shades. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a leopard print design!

Mixing bright colors

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If you’re looking for the most fashionable nail art trends of the year, mixing vibrant colors is definitely the way. Hot pink is a great color for summer, and a graphic red accent on your nail art will make it look even more unique. And, with the rise of bold pop art, there’s no shortage of cute nail designs, too. Think of the banana nails that Andy Warhol and Curious George painted on Barbie’s nails.

This summer, try a new twist on classic designs. Try nail art that incorporates animal prints in a cute pattern. Try mixing white and bright colors together if you’re looking for an appropriate trend for both work and parties. White polish results great for a primary base. Using black and orange to create tree branches can be fun. Add sparkling stones or glitters to your nails for a fun summer look.

Letter nail art

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Letter-based design is an excellent alternative if you’re not into image-based nail designs. You can create nail art with letters in various colors, from neon to matte finishes, and it’s easy to wear. There are so many options available, and each has its own personality and style. For a more personalized look, try writing a meaningful word in the letters on your nails. For example, “Angel” might be the perfect design for Valentine’s Day. Try applying black writing on a base coat of a light color to make it easy to wear.

Whether you prefer hand-painted or stamped nail art, initials are an expressive way to express yourself. You can even wear your initials as a monogram. Monogrammed designs are more personal and individual than a logo, and they can instantly elevate a basic manicure. If you want something more unique, try adding your phone number to the design. The possibilities are endless. There is a design for everyone.

Ombre wiggles

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Ombre wiggles are a popular trend that is easy to apply and maintain. They are created using two colors that blend expertly in different shades of the same color. Typically, they agree from dark to light. The style has been popular for several years and can be added to almost any color scheme. A classic white polish looks great with this style as it is always timeless and goes well with nearly any outfit.

This ombre nail design will never go out of style and will be a popular choice for spring. These funky designs can be combined with glitter for an even more festive look. They will go well with any outfit and brighten any dull day. Whether wearing a cute summer dress or on a gloomy day, these ombre designs will surely be on your wish list.

French tips

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For 2023, we’ve compiled a list of the best French nail art ideas. These trends are sure to make your nails look fresh and fashionable. The best French tips are subtle, so you can add different colors and details to your manicure. One of the most accessible French nail art ideas to recreate is a rainbow-colored design. This trend is perfect for love attention and a splash of color and those who prefer a classic look. If you like the simplicity of a French tip manicure, try a simple white one with no stains. Alternatively, you can use glitter polish to add a pop of color.

Another trend in French nail designs is the spike. This design has become increasingly popular since its first introduction in 1967. In addition to being famous, it can also be straightforward to recreate, as you can use a nail polish brush to trail the top portion of the nail. This style is perfect for real nail addicts who love playing around with new designs. The list of recent French nail designs is endless!


5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home with Fingernails2Go? photo 1

In 2023, the trend for nail art will be rainbows. Using vibrant nail polish with a white base coat, you can create rainbow nails. Apply a clear protective coat to your nails before starting your rainbow nail design. Then, work with streaked tape or a punting tool to create even lines. Use neutral colors for your other nails. Rainbow henna art has rich creativity and is dynamic.

While the trend is a little over-the-top, it is still pretty and worth trying. If you want to avoid neon colors, you can try rainbow nail designs in pastel shades. These designs will look great in pastel shades and can even be used as a theme. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to be a painter to try them. You can also use polka dots, animal prints, and exciting spacing techniques to make your rainbow manicure stand out.


5 Trendy Nail Art Designs To Try At Home with Fingernails2Go? image 15

If you’re bored of the same old drab colors, you can try painting clouds on your nails. They are both easy to create and look imperfect, making them an excellent choice for anyone who loves dark manicures. You can choose a cloud nail design with rhinestones for a feminine look. This style is ideal for sophisticated women who love feminine details. Here are some more cloud nail art ideas for 2023.

Be fun and have a good time. Strawberries are the quintessential summer fruit. And you can’t beat a luscious strawberry for a festive manicure. Use a small brush to paint a berry shape and fill in with red paint. Add a few white dots and green leaves for a finishing touch. This summer trend will be here to stay! There are many nail art ideas for 2023 that are fun and stylish.

Disney-inspired manicures

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This year, it’s all about Disney-inspired manicures! Whether you’re going on a Disney vacation or just want to treat yourself, there are many fun designs. From a subtle French manicure to vibrantly colored nail art, Disney is sure to have something that will impress you this year. These designs are sure to be popular in the coming year and beyond! The possibilities are endless for nail art, so there’s sure to be something for you!

Among the most popular Disney-inspired manicures for 2023 are Merida nails and Aladdin nails. These nail designs look like they belong in a Disney film. These Disney’s nails are acrylic to allow plenty of space for the character details. While they may seem naughty and goofy, they’re surprisingly easy to maintain! You can even DIY the process of painting your own Disney nails and save yourself some cash.

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