What are some easy nail art designs?

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Easy Nail Art Designs

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What are some easy nail art designs? Here are a few ideas: Pink and white, Coffin nails, and Rainbows and clouds. Start with these simple nail art designs if you’re not quite sure what to try. These designs are also perfect for girls in girly outfits! To make this design even easier, you can use toothpicks to make the patterns on your fingers and toes. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can experiment with more intricate designs, such as glittery works.

Coffin nails

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Try Coffin’s nails if you’re looking for a simple yet gorgeous design to give your fingernails a polished look. This classic style looks great with all types of nail polish, but you don’t have to be limited to pink and white. In fact, you can use any color or metallic gold for the French tips of your coffin nails. Plaid is also a popular fall nail design, and you can easily create plaid variations on different hands.

Go for light pink coffin nails for an extra feminine, Barbie-inspired look. These nail designs look youthful and glossy. Add some pink iridescent butterflies or glitter dust to finish them. Just be sure not to overdo them so that the base color isn’t overpowering. This is one of the most accessible nail art designs and is a great way to dress up your fingernails.

Whether you want to create a dramatic statement or a subtle accent, coffin nails are easy to style and excellent for special occasions. The white base color is a great neutral base color for a coffin nail design, and you can use gold nail art tape to add gold stripes to each fingernail. You can use this design for everyday wear or for an event, and you can also get creative by adding diamonds or other nail art embellishments.

Pink and white

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If you want to make your nails look pretty and sophisticated, try a design with pink and white colors. It will indeed look great on your fingernails! There are many ways to create this design. For starters, you can paint your nails in a heart shape. Then, you can add different colors like red and pink to it. This design is perfect for parties and late-night get-togethers.

A chevron design is another great design for this color combination. A simple design using this color combination will definitely turn heads. However, you should choose a nail polish color that goes well with the pink and white colors.

A lot of nail kits are available in the market. Ensure you choose the one that suits your personality and looks great. You can create a pink and white design at home or buy one from the beauty store. Don’t worry if you’re not a nail artist because you can try this nail design at home. You can even buy some nail polish at a local store. You’ll have it in no time.

Rainbows and clouds

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A simple rainbow manicure can add a pop of color to your nails without requiring any fancy tools. A fine-pointed dotting tool is all you need to create this nail art design. Get a HiMo 5-Piece Manicure Kit for just $5 from Amazon to make it even easier. If you prefer tie-dye, this trend is having a significant moment. Not only on leggings and clothing but also on manicures. A California-based manicurist came up with a swirling rainbow manicure that will turn heads.

These designs are fun to wear all year round, whether you are in the mood for a casual day with friends or an evening out with the girls. Rainbows and clouds are the perfect colors for highlighting your sassy side. This type of nail art is ideal for teen girls and grown-up girls. Rainbow nail designs can also be worn to complement your summer activities. If you have a passion for rainbow nail art, try this design!

You’ll need two simple tricks to make a cloud and rainbow nail design:

  1. Paint a glittered silver color on your nails.
  2. Soak your finger in water and scatter the colors on your nails. You can create a light background by using different colors.
  3. You can add white paint along the edge of the nail to form clouds.

You can also use a toothpick to scatter color on the water for an added effect.


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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can easily create beautiful flowers on your nails. You will need a flat brush and a few different colors. Then, dip a flat brush into each painting. Once the colors are dry, apply them to the nails in an order that makes the petals appear like the petals of a flower. For an even more striking effect, start with a light-colored base.

Peach is one of the most popular spring pastels. Peach floral tips look great on solid-coated nails, and rhinestones give them an extra glam touch. Use neutral-colored nail polish on the fingers for a peach floral design. Use a thin nail art brush to paint the petals and add white lines. To add interest to your flowers, draw a dot at the center of each flower.

You can create flower-themed nails with simple flower stamping or freehand painting. This nail art is surprisingly easy to make and will always look beautiful. You can mix and match the colors to suit the season or your mood. Flowers are also suitable for beginners if you don’t have much experience. Add glitter and stickers to make floral patterns look even more vibrant and eye-catching. These designs are also fun and can brighten your day.


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If you’re looking for a simple, classic look to decorate your nails, stripes are the way to go. They give your nails a sleek, elegant look and can be applied to various nail types. You don’t need to use stencils or wraps; a sharp brush and different nail paint colors will trick. The design possibilities are virtually endless. You can even use glitter or add a bit of shimmer to your stripes to make them look even more unique.

For an even more dramatic look, consider ombre designs. This nail art design gives the look of stripes on a gradient of colors. Using gold or black paint on a striped nail makes the lines stand out more. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try using a top coat on your base design to create a mirror effect. This will make your design last longer than if you used just one color.

To create this elegant and sophisticated look, start by applying a base coat in a subtle shade of pink. Next, use a thin brush to fill the white space between the Vs. Then, gently peel off the stripes while they’re still wet. To finish, apply clear nail polish to your fingernails. You can even try using glittery nail polish to give your nails a glamorous finish.

French manicure

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The classic French manicure is a great nail art design for everyday wear. This simple style starts with a clear base coat and three layers of red nail polish, ranging from light to dark. To make your nails look extra girly, add three stripes, one on each side of the cuticle and a little baby pink in the middle. Be sure to use longer nails to make sure the stripes are spaced evenly.

This simple French tip design is a chic way to accent any outfit. You’ll be wearing a pale pink base with a thin, v-shaped white tip, which complements the jewelry on your finger. The recommendations are outlined in a gold chrome polish, and the end is squared off for a chic look. A classic French manicure can be made even more glamorous by adding glitters to the tip of your nail.

Another classic French manicure style is the lace design. The base of this design is a light pink polish with a thick salmon color. The rest of the nail is artistically tipped with a floral arrangement or a butterfly. You can also use a classic white coating to accent the French tips. Or, for a lace-themed French manicure, you can use a light pink base with a metallic gold polish.

Flower-inspired designs

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Flower-inspired nail art designs are the perfect solution if you are tired of your boring black and white manicures. From subtle to bold, flower designs add a feminine touch to your manicure. They are easy to apply and require very little work!

Pastel pink and purple are two perfect springtime pastel nail colors. These flowers look stunning against an opaque white nail and will scream springtime. Try a pink accent finger with a small flower on it. A tiny rhinestone on the accent finger adds a pop of color. This nail art design will definitely be the talk of the party at the next party! It’s the perfect choice for warm weather and special occasions!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a daisy-inspired nail design. This unique take on flower nails features tiny white flowers with black leaves. Then, a bright red sharp nail is painted over the top. Its long, thin, and filed-to-a-point style adds a playful touch to your manicure. A daisy-inspired design is perfect for spring, summer, and fall and looks great with a French manicure.

What Nail Design Should I Do Next?

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next manicure, you’ll love these fall-inspired nail designs. From cow spots to color-blocking, fall shades are a must-have for this season. Combine them with other colors to create a unique nail design. Or combine two trends with one plan – cow spots and fall colors! Depending on the theme, you can create a look that will wow friends and co-workers.


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If you want to try color-blocking nail design, you must follow specific steps to get the correct result. You should apply the base color first, then paint a line down the middle of each nail with the second color. Wait for it to dry, then carefully fill in the third color. Form two squares on one side of the nail and a rectangle on the other. You can also use glitter nail paints to get a festive look!

To create a color-blocking nail design, you will need to use a different shade of each color. Start with the darker shade, make the first diagonal line, and go straight across with the second shade. Repeat this process until you have completed all three nails. Eventually, you will see a triangle pattern on your nails. After you have completed the color-blocking pins, apply the topcoat. Creating the perfect triangle-shaped nail art design is easy as following a color-blocking nail design tutorial.

Bird’s egg

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This fun nail art pattern is one of the hottest trends for summer. It features an ombre effect, making your nails look like a layered egg. To make this design look more realistic, use a dotting tool and a light lilac or peach shade of paint. You can also use black color to make the bird’s beak. It’s easy to achieve! Once you’ve created the base design, add details to your nail art with different color shades, such as black speckles.

A bird’s egg nail design is a simple way to add some color to your nails. This design features a sunny-side-up design, which creates a fried egg effect. It’s a cheerful color combination, and the egg symbolism is appropriate for anyone during Easter. This design also embodies the concept of fertility, rebirth, and life. Whether you’re creating this design for an Easter party or just to make your nails look cute, you’ll find a great way to use bird’s eggs to add color to your nail art.


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A gingham nail design is an excellent option for summer manicures. You should apply a base coat and blue nail polish to get started. Use straight-line stickers to create the gingham pattern (like you would for a French manicure). Apply each piece of the strip to a different finger. Once they are dry, cut them with cuticle clippers. A gingham nail design is perfect for showing off your pretty summer nails!

The gingham pattern originated from cloth. Different countries claim to be the first to introduce this fabric pattern to the world. Although it was submitted to clothing, it has made its way to nail art. This pattern can be tricky to master because it requires excellent accuracy and shading to make the colors stand out. For this reason, many people have never tried it, but it is worth a shot. Try it out and be the envy of your friends!

Use pearl nail polish if you’re looking for a more subtle but still glamorous look. Apply the pattern to every nail at the cuticle. This classic design originated in the early 20th century and looks particularly elegant when worn with a white shirt, vest, or hat. The word “gingham” comes from a famous Gershwin song, so you’ll want to make sure you match your gingham nail design to your outfit.

Fruit art

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A simple fruit art nail design can be fun for the summer. Start by choosing a white or off-white base color for your manicure. Then, draw half a watermelon on your first nail and a green semi-circle on your second nail. The third nail should have black spots. Continue with other colors and designs until you’ve used all your paint. This is the most accessible nail design you can try! If you’re unsure of what to draw, follow a tutorial to get the perfect result.

The kiwi is an excellent example of this style. To make the kiwi:

  1. Start with bright green nail polish.
  2. Use a white stripper to draw the oval.
  3. Once it’s dry, use duct tape to remove the upper leafy portion of the berry.
  4. Use black nail polish to create the outer green shell.
  5. Once it’s scorched, add a black dot to each seed for a realistic look.

Bird’s eye

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This unique nail design is a favorite for those who want a bold look but do not want to go overboard. Adding a few specks of black to the invention makes it even more striking. In addition to black, the design looks great with pastel colors like lilac and peach. This nail art will give you a feminine finish if you have long pointed nails. Whether you use a dotting tool to add color to the design or mix and match your colors, this unique nail design will attract attention.


What are some easy nail art designs? image 15

If you want to have a fun and quirky nail design, try a Chevron nail design! Regardless of which color you choose, you’ll be amazed by the results. This design is also an excellent base for a glitter-filled base color.

To apply the chevron design, you’ll need a special nail tape. First, apply your base coat. Ensure that it’s clear and not a shade that will cause the design to look tacky. Using chevron nail tape will make removing and applying the following layers easier. You’ll want to let the design dry completely before you begin. You can also use a toothpick to ensure even spacing between stripes.

A Chevron nail design is a classic yet modern trend. The V-shaped pattern is an old-fashioned sign of heraldry and has since found broader uses in the fashion industry. This design is a perfect choice for any special event or night out; this design looks great on all skin tones and complements any dress or outfit. This trendy design can be created easily by using multiple colors. The possibilities are almost endless.

Animal print

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Have fun with nail designs? You can create animal prints with nail art stamping plates. A simple striped design can be achieved using two shades of one color, a base color, and one color on each side. You can even use several shades to create different patterns. If you want to wear animal prints on your fingers and toes more than once, you can mix and match several animal print designs, like zebra print.

While animal print nail art is a fun and flirty trend, you don’t have to be a wild animal lover to enjoy this stylish trend. Whether going to a work event or a party, an animal print design is a unique and elegant choice. A light shade for the base, with a dark color for the dots, will add a touch of glamour to your nails. You can even add glitter to make your animal print design more glamorous.

French tip

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French tip nail designs are all the rage right now! They are an elegant way to show off your individual style, and you can create a wide variety of looks using different nail polishes, accents, and embellishments. You can match them with any outfit or occasion, and they are a great way to experiment with various color palettes. Here are some examples of French tips. Read on for more information on nail art trends.

To make your design more striking, add pearls. Pearls are the ultimate fashion accessory that will add a touch of glamor to your manicure. They can easily be worn over various other nail colors and go with every design. They also represent purity, wisdom, and peace. Pearls can be paired with any color and are a great way to show your creativity. Make sure you choose a neutral color to prevent your manicure from becoming too flashy.

Try this cow print French nail design if you want a playful look. It starts with a clear base polish and long, squared tips. Adding chocolate will add an extra splash of color and a milkshake effect. This design is best worn on long nails and stiletto-shaped heels. Listed below are examples of French tip nail designs. Once you choose the perfect design for you, enjoy! If you have a particular color or theme in mind, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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