What is the best nail art blog\site?

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Nail Art Blogs

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Luz King

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You might have seen her work on nail art blogs or caught her on TV, but what really sets her apart. Her unconventional interests and strange ways make her a unique character. After all, she was once an outcast on Earth, and her few friends were her imaginary ones. In addition to nail art, Luz’s love of witchcraft means she will go to any lengths to make her wishes come true.

The blog has a rich, stylish appearance with white and pink nail art designs. She uses lots of different things for inspiration and includes tips and tricks that are both practical and fun. Her work has inspired thousands of nail artists. You can learn something new every day from her posts and even apply it to your own nails. You will surely love what you see on her nails! The only problem is choosing which one to use. However, there are some posts on nail art tutorials you can learn from.


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The SoNailicious nail art blog website has been an outlet for Maria’s passion for the nail arts. The site, founded by Maria Vlezko in November 2012, is loaded with nail art tutorials, nail care tips, and other nail-related information. Its signature features are The Nail File, Nail Care Tips, and the Nail Art Gallery. As Maria’s blog has grown in popularity, she now regularly features guest authors worldwide to show how to apply beautiful nails.

Another blog dedicated to nail art is M.P. Nails, launched by a nail artist in Los Angeles. It’s full of beautiful designs created by this nail artist. Recent posts include a cotton candy gradient design and a Cheetos manicure. Another great blog is Nailside, launched by a Dutch nail artist who wanted to share her passion for nail art with others. Jane uses stationery tape to draw zigzag patterns and clean lines.

Another nail art blog site is Nailed It, which features detailed instructions on creating stunning and original nail art. It has been featured in magazines, including Glamour and BuzzFeed. It’s run by Ginny Gear, a licensed manicurist and nail artist who has written several books and articles. Aside from nail art, Nailed It also features a list of nail art products and techniques, business guides, and how-to-give-yourself-manicures.

SoNailicious’s minimalist, elegant design will win over any artistic heart. It features step-by-step instructions for nail art designs. Its focus is on nail art, but it also offers tips on other beauty matters. It’s definitely a blog site to bookmark! It’s a great way to find inspiration for your next nail art project. This blog site also features a massive list of nail art tutorials.


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Nail art is an exciting art form that begins with a simple concept and evolves into full-blown artwork works. This art form requires creativity and imagination, and this is where Fictionail really shines. The featured nail art ranges from the northern lights to book covers, so there’s something for everyone on this blog. If you’re looking for a fun way to make your nails look amazing, then Fictional is your site.

The website has a striking design, a well-curated collection of nail art designs, and a variety of step-by-step tutorials. Nail artists, especially newbies, will appreciate the high quality of the information on this blog. In addition to tutorials, Fictional is also accessible on other social media platforms. This site is an excellent resource for nail art lovers on a budget!

Among the other blogs on this site, Fictional is a beautiful, well-presented website that will capture your artistic heart. The website looks as attractive as the best-designed blogs. While the blog’s focus is on nail art, readers will also find tips on makeup, skincare, and various other beauty issues. In addition to the fantastic selection of nail art, Fictional also has a helpful community of readers who share their passion for nail art.

The site also has a flurry of nail art tutorials, including a ‘How to Give Yourself a Manicure’ section, and is often featured in BuzzFeed, Glamour, and Stylelist. The site is run by Lisa Bailey, a passionate nail artist who provides tutorials and helpful tips on how to care for your cuticles. The site has been around for several years and continues to grow.

Daily Mail

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You’ve most likely visited The Daily Nail Art blog site if you love nail art. This blog features detailed nail art tutorials. There is also a section that shows you how to give yourself a manicure. The site has been featured in Glamour, BuzzFeed, and Stylelist. The blog is run by Ginny and Donny Gear, renowned nail artists running the Hey, Nice Nails business.

For the Love of Nail Art is a local blog site run by Siobhan Moller, a professional nail tech from Vredenburg, South Africa. It features fun designs and glitter nail polish. You can find a list of local nail polish suppliers on the site. You can also read reviews and read about different nail art techniques. It’s worth checking out the site. You’ll find tons of inspiration here.

SoNailicious is another popular nail art blog site. Maria’s site attracts more than 50,000 visitors per month and is considered one of Australia’s best nail art blogs. She has been featured in high-profile magazines and has worked with major brands such as Schwarzkopf, Mint Polish, Revitanail, and Sea Siren. Most recently, she was named the brand partner of OPI Australia.

The Daily Nail Art blog site is full of nail design inspiration for aspiring artists. You can find something you like on Blondie’s Nail Art, from funky nail ideas to swatches. You’ll also find plenty of articles on different nail art tools and techniques on the Buff & Polish blog. There are a lot of useful links on this site, and you can even follow along via email.

All Lacquered Up

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Check out the All Lacquered Up nail art blog site if you love nail art. This blog features tutorials, reviews, and nail polish trends. If you’re looking for a unique look this holiday season, check out this blog! You’ll find the perfect polish for your holiday celebration! Follow the author on Instagram and Facebook for more ideas. And follow her blog to stay up to date with the latest nail trends!

The All Lacquered Up nail art blog site was founded by beauty blogger Michelle Mismas. It’s featured on the Best of the Web list by Marie Claire and was also named a top nail blog by In Style magazine. The blog features exclusive insider interviews with nail professionals and a large number of readers each month. It has more than 250,000 visitors per month, and Michelle’s content is constantly updated with fresh trends.

The All Lacquered Up nail blog site is the favorite of gloss readers. It has more than 250 thousand unique visitors per month, and it’s very user-friendly. The blog also has handy navigation, with varnishes grouped by season and collections. Announcements, tutorials, and reviews are all featured. This blog site also has a curated selection of nail polishes, and it’s worth following it for new shades.

Another nail art blog site that is well worth checking out is What Katie Did Her Polish. These simple blog showcases nail art designs using standard nail art supplies. While it may go dark for a month, the photos are beautiful and informative. The blog’s owners promise to be fair and unbiased and share their scientific approach to choosing winners. The blog also includes links to other nail polish blogs. Lacquer Laine also features swatches, tutorials, and custom shade options.

How Do I Prevent Bumpy Nails When Painting My Nails?

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There are many ways to avoid nail damage, including applying cuticle oil. You can also use PAM Cooking Spray, which contains oils that act as a buffer over the new layer of polish. Even a coat is also helpful. Once you’ve completed your nails, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can remove bumps and apply a fresh coat of polish.

Cuticle oil

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Applying cuticle oil to the nails before nail polish is a great way to avoid bumps. However, the oil cannot penetrate the nail polish, so you must wait until the oil has completely dried before applying the next coat of polish. You can apply cuticle oil again if you do not mind waiting a few extra minutes, or you can use it on bare nails. The trick is to apply just enough oil to cover the entire nail.

While many people use cuticle oil over nail polish, they don’t necessarily need it. You can apply it over the polish to protect your nails and keep your manicure looking beautiful. However, you need to use it before applying any nail polish, or it will cause the polish to chip or peel off. If you are unsure how to apply cuticle oil, you can follow the steps listed below.

When you apply nail polish, you should always hold the product bottle between your palms. Don’t shake it. Roll your hands back and forth to gently stir the nail polish. This will prevent any air bubbles from forming. This will allow for a smoother application of the polish. And, if you don’t have cuticle oil or polish, you can use nail enhancements to cover up the bumps.

Lastly, make sure that the nail polish is completely dry before applying it. You can use an orange stick to push down the cuticles. Using a rubber band will also help you avoid bumps while painting your nails with cuticle oil. And, if you don’t have time to do this, you can always use liquid latex on your nails to save yourself the trouble of getting paint on the nail beds.


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You’ve probably wondered if formaldehyde prevents bumps when you’re pregnant. It’s a common ingredient in nail polish that can cause respiratory problems and irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Although formaldehyde isn’t harmful to the unborn baby, the chemicals used to harden nail polish aren’t without risk. Another chemical commonly used in nail polish is toluene, which has the same dangers when ingested regularly. However, formaldehyde is not dangerous to the unborn baby at high concentrations.

The chemical is commonly used to give nail polish a glossy finish, hardness, and shine. However, it has been linked to many health problems, including dermatitis and skin allergy. It has also been linked to reproductive and endocrine effects. If you have a history of acne, you should be careful not to use a nail polish that contains formaldehyde. Instead, choose a polish that does not include this chemical.

In general, people who are allergic to formaldehyde should avoid using these products. In case you can’t avoid the chemical, look for alternatives. There are many hypoallergenic nail enamels on the market. However, these products will still cause sensitivity and aren’t as scratch-resistant and durable as conventional products. You should consult a dermatologist to determine which options are best for you for susceptible people.

While many nail polish products contain toluene, you can opt for an organic one. Dibutyl phthalate is an organic compound used to make nail polish more flexible and less likely to crack. It is linked to reproductive problems and is banned in the European Union but remains approved in the United States. As with any other chemical, you should avoid using nail polish if you’re concerned about its chemicals.

Shaking your hands

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One of the most common mistakes people make when painting their nails is shaking the bottle before application. However, shaking the bottle can cause air bubbles that stick to the nail bed and make the nail polish look uneven. Hold the bottle vertically and gently roll it between your hands before painting to avoid these air bubbles. This will warm up the nail polish and prevent the inevitable bumps during nail painting.

Likewise, don’t hold your hands in front of a fan or blow on them while painting your nails. This will only cause your nails to expand, and the fan will also blow dust on your wet polish. It’s much better to apply thinner coats of nail polish before using it. The same goes for soaking your hands in water first. This way, your nails will have a chance to dry completely.

Applying semi-thin, even coats

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The best tip to avoid nail polish bumps is to apply several thin coats. You should never shake the bottle before using each coat when painting your nails. Instead, hold the bottle between your palms and gently roll it back and forth to stir the paint. You should also avoid using old nail polish or cheap polish with separated bits. These tips can help you prevent polish nail bumps and ensure that you have beautiful, long-lasting nails.

If you don’t like bumps and bubbles, you should apply semi-thin coats instead. Gracie recommends waiting a few minutes after painting your first coat before painting the second. She also advises pacing yourself when painting your nails to prevent the paint from clumping. Once you have mastered the art of painting nails, it will become second nature to you!

Keeping your hands cool while you paint your nails is another way to avoid bumps and bubbles. The air from a fan can cause the nail polish to bubble and fly dust onto your wet nails. To avoid these problems, try applying fewer, thinner coats of nail polish. Using a dehumidifier can also prevent bumps and bubbles.

Before applying polish to your nails, you must first apply a base coat to protect the top of your pin. If you don’t use a base coat, your nail polish will not adhere. So, before applying your first layer of nail polish, always keep your hands clean. If you have a problem with bumps, try a nail polish remover instead. This will remove bumps and unevenness and help your nail polish last longer.

Avoiding bubbles

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There are some tricks for avoiding bubbles when painting your nails. Bubbles in your nail polish will ruin the beauty of your final manicure, and they will also put the reputation of your manicurist in question. If you have your nails painted by a professional salon, make sure they are flawless. These tips will make the process easier and keep you from dealing with a nasty surprise when you take your nails off later.

First, don’t apply too thick a coat of nail polish. Nail polish that is too thick will create air bubbles. Apply one thin, even coat, and wait until the previous skin dries before painting the second. Another tip is to pace yourself when painting your nails. If you rush through your manicure, you are more likely to get bubbles. To avoid bubbles, use a thinner coat of nail polish and apply it slowly.

Another easy way to prevent bubbles in nail polish is to avoid the temperature of your hands. High body temperatures can cause your nail polish to bubble up, so wash your hands in cold water before painting. Likewise, don’t dry your nails in direct sunlight. This way, they’ll dry much faster and won’t create bubbles. And remember, the best way to prevent bubbles is to apply several thin coats of nail polish.

Another tip is to avoid air bubbles. Air bubbles in nail polish can be a huge turn-off for your manicure. Bubbles can ruin a date night, special occasion, or your hard work. So, always remember to use thin coats of nail polish and store it properly away from moisture and heat. If you can, always use a base coat to help prevent bubbles from forming. There are many reasons why bubbles form, so don’t let them ruin your nails.

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