What color nails do you recommend for the summer?

What color nails do you recommend for the summer? photo 0 how-to

What Color Nails Do You Recommend For the Summer?

What color nails do you recommend for the summer? photo 1

When it comes to nail color, summer is an excellent time for a bold color. OPI’s Lemon Yellow is a good choice for any skin tone, says Eleanor Langston, the chief creative officer at Paintbox nail salon in New York City. A soothing blue is also a great choice year-round. A lemon-yellow manicure will also look great at a summer wedding, and it won’t break the bank.

Rhapsody Red

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You can’t go wrong with Rhapsody Red for summer nails when it comes to red nail polish. This beautiful cherry red is perfect for the warm summer months. The color is versatile and will suit any skin tone. It will last up to two weeks and doesn’t look sickly red or orange. Regardless of age and ethnicity, the red undertone is flattering to any skin tone. Listed below are a few other options that will work beautifully this season.

If you’re looking for a soft, feminine summer shade, consider candy pink. The color is classic and versatile and will go well with all nail lengths. Consider a pink-based summer nail color if you’re tired of dark summer shades. You can make a bold fashion statement by matching your nail color with your outfit. Essie makes this easy, and it’s less harsh than the more famous red shades.

Another perfect color for summer is Rhapsody Red. The red shade is an ideal combination of coral and pink, with the red accented with flecks of glimmer. This shade is reflective and opaque but doesn’t make your fingernails look like they were made from discarded candy wrappers. You can find it at Ulta, and it’s the perfect transitional shade.

Auda. b’s pink

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The first Black-owned nail polish brand in the market is now available at Nordstrom. It features gel-like nail polish that requires two layers to create a glossy, chip-resistant finish. The color Pink for Summer is named after a Hollywood Hills penthouse and sunset, which is perfect for summertime! The brand is also non-toxic, PETA-certified, and 10-free, so you’ll have no worries about being around chemicals.

This pink is much brighter than it looks in the jar! It’s the perfect summer nail shade for those who love a pink manicure but don’t want to go overboard with their color. Pair it with blue nail polish to add a pop of brightness to any look. Make sure you pair it with a glossy topcoat for maximum shine. If you’re in the market for a pink polish that’s perfect for summer, look no further than Auda. b.

Another tremendous pink nail color for summer is a peachy apricot shade. This shade is universally flattering and works with every shade of the color wheel. It’s understated and feminine and looks great with gold jewelry. It is also straightforward to wear, so you can wear it as often as you want without worrying about having a chipped or damaged nail.

Marc Jacobs Beauty’s 118 Oui!

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In honor of his new fragrance launch, Marc Jacobs Beauty has introduced a new nail color called Oui!, which is named after his defunct fashion magazine of the same name. This summer-ready shade will go with everything from bright summer dresses to bright, sunny days. It is one of the first shades in Marc Jacobs’s color collection and is available now at Sephora.

The brand provides vibrant, highly pigmented summer nail colors. One such shade is 118 Oui!, a sparkly magenta violet with a shimmery finish. Base Coat has a nourishing and health-conscious formula that is hand-poured in small bottles for the base color. The resulting nail polish is non-toxic and dries quickly. While these nail colors are not only formulated to be long-lasting, they are also ideal for summer manicures.

If you want to try something new this summer, consider a neutral shade. Deborah Lippmann’s milky white base polish has a cool undertone and will help to keep your manicure looking fresh throughout the summer. Alternatively, you can choose a brighter, bolder color like LeChat’s pink-tinted Fuschia. It looks fantastic on fingers and toes and will complement any summer outfit you wear.

Chanel’s Giallo Napoli

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Chanel’s new color for summer nails is just the thing, whether you’re looking for a vibrant yellow nail polish or a more subtle yellow. Its high-shine finish and long-wearing formula make this summer nail color perfect for hot summer days. The perfect summer nail color is also available at Nordstrom. Chanel’s Giallo Napoli nail polish is the ideal choice whether you’re a classic gal or a bold fashionista.

The double C logo adorns Chanel nail polish and makes it easy to recognize the brand. These nail polishes have an incredible formula that anyone else cannot duplicate. And they’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate, all known carcinogens, and asthma triggers. They’re also perfect for spring because they brighten up your entire look.

Giallo Napoli is a funky, Vernis-toned yellow. Similarly, Chanel’s Vernis shade is daring and fun, while Giallo Napoli is a funky, eccentric yellow. You can also try Essie nail polish for a more subdued look. The brand offers over 70 shades of nail polish. Whether you’re searching for a deep blue or a tan, you’ll find a shade to suit your summer style.

OPI’s How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

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OPI’s How Does Your Zen Garden Get Greener? GelColor OPI’s How Does Your Zen Garden Grow is a lime green shade that is salon-quality and long-lasting. The formula is long-wearing and requires two coats for coverage. It’s also formaldehyde-free. This nail polish is perfect for the spring and summer months! Read on for more details on OPI’s new collection!

Essie’s Social Detox

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The latest trends in color nail polish are all about jewel-inspired designs and bright mix-matching colors. There’s no need to be boring or have the same design on every nail – you can get a high-end look with a bit of investment. Whether trying to make a statement or just want to be trendy this summer, jewel-inspired nails are a great way to achieve it.

For a refreshingly unique manicure, try an electric-green shade. This shade is the cousin of kelly green, which is neither too bright nor too dark and evokes a spirit of optimism and resilience. It looks great with a black minidress and white linen summer outfits. Essie’s limited-edition Feelin’ Just Lime polish is excellent for summertime nails.

To pair your summer nail color with your skin tone, choose the one that compliments your skin tone. Light-skinned women should go for pastel shades, while people with medium or dark skin should go for hot pinks or nudes. People with warm-toned skin should opt for warm-toned nail colors. Dark golden brown and auburn are two such shades and work well with red highlights.

Duri’s Fire Sapphire

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Consider this dusky, dusty blue if you’re ready to try a new nail color for summer. Its finely milled flecks of glimmer add a festive touch without looking like a kindergarten craft project. The dusty blue is an excellent, opaque shade that is reflective and understated but won’t give you a frown line.

Among the summer must-haves is candy pink. This sweet pink will still stand out from the crowd, a pastel shade that won’t make you look overly agro or garish. It is the perfect match for a woman’s short, round, or oblong nails. This season’s hot nail color is also an excellent time to play with a bright shade.

Mint green nail lacquers aren’t a trend toward shunning, but they’re an excellent choice for warmer weather. Mint green is a pastel green that evokes feelings of tranquility and calm. It’s also the perfect alternative to pink because it goes with every skin tone. If you’re afraid of trying a new nail color, you might want to go for a pale version of mint green to start.

Nail Polish Colors to Wear With a Brown Dress

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If you want to match your nails to your dress, go for a nail polish shade that complements your gown’s color. Deep greens, lilacs, various shades of black, and even white will work. Bright color-blocking designs can also work with brown. Choose a nail color that you feel best in, and your dress will look fabulous!

Pale pink

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A pale pink nail polish color will go well with a brown dress and be both elegant and feminine. This color feels nice on the skin and is versatile enough to go with almost any type of clothing. It goes well with darker shades of pink and looks good with a variety of colors. Here are some ideas for a pale pink nail polish color to wear with a brown dress:

Plum is a deep red-purple color that is associated with sophistication. Choose a shade that complements the dress.

If you prefer a softer shade of pink, you can go with a pale version of nude. This shade is warm and works well with most other clothing colors and skin tones. However, you can also use a darker shade of red to create a cooler brown color. You can also try a pastel version of brown. Whether you want to wear a pale pink nail polish color or a dark red nail polish color, you can find the perfect one.

While matching nail polish color to an outfit is not always possible, it looks bright and gives the impression of careful planning. A mismatched color will only distract from your style and ruin your look. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this problem. If you’re running late for an appointment or just haven’t gotten your nails done in time, you can simply remove the nail polish. If you’re too late to do it, bare nails will be better.


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Ivory nail polish color is the perfect neutral shade for daytime wear. The subtle tone will not detract from the warm style of a brown dress. In fact, it will further enhance the look of effortless class and elegance. If you’re concerned that an ivory color will clash with your brown dress, you can opt for an off-white shade. Many UV gel nail polishes come in an ivory shade that can last up to three weeks.

Another neutral shade that goes well with ivory is cool, pale pink. This color looks romantic and feminine. Pale pink also looks fantastic with ivory clothing. Alternatively, a blue-based Fuschia would be an excellent choice. Remember that brown nail polish is an absolute must regardless of your choice. It provides a definition to your face. If you wear eyeliner, use a dark brown rather than black as this color will not look too harsh against the dress.

Ivory nail polish is also a popular color that goes well with brown dresses. While it may seem like the most common color to wear with brown dresses, it is essential to consider the season. Generally, light browns and dark red tones complement each other. However, if you have darker skin, it is best to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. If you’re unsure, opt for a neutral shade of ivory.

Another neutral shade is army green. This color has a yellowish tint, which makes it look professional. You can pair army green with excellent or blue nail polish shades to make the color pop. This shade is considered a universal shade, so it’s a good choice if you’re unsure what color your dress is. You should also think about your dress color and what you want to highlight.

Pastel orange

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Whether you’re planning to attend a formal event or simply want to stand out from the crowd, a pastel orange nail polish color looks great with a brown dress. Orange is one of the brightest nail colors available, making it an ideal choice to bring out the vibrancy of your dress. Here are some tips to go from drab to fab with your upcoming orange-themed party.

First, choose a rusty orange, not your typical orange color. Its undertones are brown or burgundy, creating a balance between the bright color and the softness of your dress. Secondly, try a soft pink shade, often combined with red and orange nail polish colors, to make a stunning combination. Finally, avoid neon colors and opt for a neutral nail polish shade for the occasion.

Choose a neutral nail polish color that matches your skin tone. While dark nail polishes go with a more neutral color, pastel colors can work with most clothing colors. Pastel pink and brown are the exception to this rule, but they go great with warm orange clothing. If you don’t have a dark-skinned friend, choose a lighter shade of brown.

Another neutral nail polish color is beige. A subtle beige shade will not compete with your brown dress but complement it perfectly. Wearing plain beige nails with gold accents and accessories can make the color pop. Classic beige nail polish is versatile and dries with a glossy finish. This shade of nail polish pairs well with a deep chocolate-brown dress with red undertones.


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Brown dresses are a classic yet versatile color that can be paired with many different nail polish shades. White, lilac and other neutral colors will complement the color of your nails and make a bold fashion statement. Try a matte black nail polish if you want to be more aggressive. If you like to play it safe, you can opt for solid white nail polish. Consider trying pastel cremes or iridescent hues if you’d like a more subtle look.

A brown dress is a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. You can wear your nails in a shade of the same color as the dress to tie everything together. White nail polish goes with any clothing color and is ideal for an evening look. A bright, fun red or candy apple red can also be worn with brown dresses to add some flair to your face. You can also choose a nail polish shade of a lighter brown to add a pop of color.

If you don’t like brown, you can opt for a neutral color like ivory. This shade will not detract from the warm tone of your brown dress. Instead, it will add to the classy and effortless appearance of the dress. Another great way to wear white nail polish with a brown dress is to use high-quality UV gel nail polish. These are highly durable and can last for up to three weeks.

You can opt for bright red nail polish for an evening look. Unlike pink, dark red nail polish can also be a great choice to complement a dress in a neutral shade. A deep red nail is also a great choice. A silvery metallic is a perfect way to highlight a metallic highlight in a dress. You can also use beige and cream nail polish for a more neutral look.

White with a hint of yellow

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A neutral color like ivory makes an attractive choice for a daytime look. The subtle shade of white will not overpower the warm tone of the dress but instead will emphasize its effortless classiness. Use UV gel nail polish in an ivory shade to avoid chips and other damage for the best results. This type of polish also lasts up to three weeks! For a night out, opt for a deep red or coral color.

Red is a cult favorite for its versatility and ability to go with just about anything. It goes well with floaty summer dresses, vintage ensembles, jeans, and chunky sweaters. The best thing about red nail polish is that it goes with virtually anything. And since it’s a versatile color, you can wear it all year long. Wearing a red manicure will never go out of style!

A mustard yellow color keeps your nails bright and fresh without being overpowering. Choose a contrasting shade to avoid clashing with your dress. For example, Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and J.Hannah’s Eames are eye-catching yellow shades. These two shades are also great with any type of brown dress. Try a deep color like Canyon Clay or Mid-Day Mocha to match a brown dress.

If you’re feeling brave and daring, choose a shade of brown that compliments your dress and skin tone. While there are many shades of brown available, you can’t go wrong with a deep chocolate brown or a soft peachy tan. But a rich rust color or a nude camel beige are two shades of brown that will look stunning with any color.

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