How to make my fingernails so dull that scratching is impossible?

How to make my fingernails so dull that scratching is impossible? image 0 how-to

How to Make My Fingernails So Dull That Scratching is Impossible

How to make my fingernails so dull that scratching is impossible? image 1

A British man once died from nail-biting wounds. In a fit of frustration, he kicked a safe, tore a toenail, and died of blood poisoning. Though your nails won’t be that bad, they can cause much pain and suffering. Even if your nails aren’t that bad, you can still ruin your quality of life and the look of your nails by tearing them.

Causes of horizontal depressions in the nails

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Horizontal depressions in the nails are called Beau’s lines. They develop in the nail plate and run parallel to the white moon-shaped portion of the nail bed. The condition is usually harmless and will disappear as the nails grow longer. The causes of Beau’s lines include trauma, severe diseases, high fever, and zinc deficiency. These conditions can also result from specific treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Horizontal depressions in the nails are also called Beau’s lines and signify that the nail matrix has been temporarily disrupted. Exposure to high fever, chemotherapy, or infection around the nail plate can lead to these depressions. Repetitive nail picking and manicure may also lead to these ridges. In addition, several other conditions can lead to this condition, including certain autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders.

Some other causes of horizontal depressions in the nails include diseases that cause the nail cuticle to be damaged. Nails with small pits can be the result of psoriasis or an injury. In addition to trauma, an iron deficiency can lead to pitting and ridges in the nails. Longitudinal grooves in the nails can also be caused by kidney disorders or aging.

In some people, a mechanical blow to the nail can cause onycholysis. In other cases, an impact on the pin may cause bleeding between the nail bed. Other causes of horizontal depression in the nails include hyperthyroidism, trauma, and onychomycosis. The nail plate can separate in rare cases due to a genetic defect or an abnormal growth pattern.

Clubbing is a condition wherein the soft tissue under the proximal nail plate thickens. This condition is often accompanied by telogen effluvium, but the exact cause of clubbing is still not known. 

Sometimes, patients develop clubbing if the tips of their fingers are more significant than the rest of their fingernails. In these cases, the nail becomes curved around the fingertip. This condition is a sign of low oxygen levels in the blood. The state can be a symptom of lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, and secondary bacterial infections. Another common cause of clubbing is iron deficiency anemia.

How to Make a French Manicure on Natural Nails

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There are several ways to apply a French manicure. The easiest method is to paint your natural nails with acrylics or Moleskin pads. Another option is to airbrush your nails, but it’s more time-consuming. Regardless of the method, there are several essential steps that you must follow before you can apply the French manicure to your natural nails. Here are some tips to get you started:

Moleskin pads

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One way to apply a French manicure is with a Moleskin pad. Apply white polish to the edges of your nails, and then use a moleskin pad to shape them. Then use a whiteout pen to prevent mistakes and create a balanced side. This method is a favorite for people who want to look classy and sophisticated. It is also a good option for people with weak nails.

Moleskin pads are similar to Scotch Tape but are much thicker. To install a French manicure, you need to isolate the tips of your nails from the rest of the nails. To achieve this, place a piece of Scotch Tape across the top of your pin. It will block off most of the nail, exposing a thin strip. Once the Moleskin is dry, apply a layer of white nail polish to the edge of the Moleskin.

You can practice this technique with a plastic bag. Use a Moleskin pad to practice the process and learn how to apply nail polish. Apply the base coat first, and then paste the peel over the top. You can also use a pencil eyeliner to apply small accessories. For a more sophisticated look, use white ink for the tips of your nails. This technique is perfect for a French manicure that is elegant and classy.


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There are several different techniques for creating a French airbrush manicure. The base coat of your nail may be white or beige or a mix of both. To vary the color of the nail, blend a darker and a lighter top of the nail. You can also reverse the airbrush process and apply a soft pink hue over the entire nail. Then, you’ll change the process, using white paint on your natural nail.

You may wish to give away the services for your first few clients for free. When contacting potential clients, explain that you’ll charge for your services afterward, as they are only temporary. You can charge between $2 and $10 per nail, depending on the complex design and the number of colors you wish to apply. Remember to factor in the cost of special paint and equipment and time spent cleaning the gun between applications.

To airbrush your nails, you’ll need an airbrush and a stencil. An airbrush gun may have a cup-shaped hole at the top and a container at the bottom for the paint. You’ll need around four or five drops of coloring for each nail, so you should choose an appropriate color. Try different angles for different designs, and experiment with different colors until you get the desired look.


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You can get a French manicure at a salon or do it yourself at home. Acrylic nails can create a stellar length on your natural nails, and they last a long time. However, they can be hard on your natural nails if not used properly. That is why it is good to remove them after a few weeks. If you do not want to damage your natural nail, you can skip this step and opt for another type of nail treatment.

First, soak the acrylic in acetone to loosen it. Ensure to wash the acrylic in the acetone for at least half an hour. Otherwise, it will turn gooey and gross. Next, use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to loosen the acrylic. Make sure you remove it from the cuticle area and the nail’s free edge. Don’t put too much pressure on the nail bed. Once the acrylic is completely removed, remove the pinching tool and wipe off the excess acrylic.

To remove the acrylic, you can use acetone and submerge your fingers. It will take about 20-30 minutes for the product to break down. If you are using a nail clipper, you can use the tips of the nail clippers to cut the acrylic down to size. You can even use your thumbs to rub the acrylic until it breaks down. Once your acrylic is removed, you can file the nail to your desired length.

Push back cuticles

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If you’re planning to get a French manicure for your natural nails, you’ll need to learn how to push back your cuticles. While pushing back your cuticles is not tricky, you need to do it correctly to avoid causing indentations. Doing it too hard can damage the new nail growth, which you want to avoid. If you push back your cuticles too hard, you’ll risk breaking a fingernail and creating visible indentations in the nail.

First, always wash your hands after you push your cuticles. Using a cuticle stick is not a good idea because it’s hard to sanitize and shouldn’t be used too frequently. Also, it’s best to push back your cuticles at least once every four to seven days. However, making your cuticles too often can reduce the integrity of your cuticle and prevent future growth.

In addition to looking nice, pushing back your cuticles is essential for your natural nails. It will give your manicure a more beautiful surface area, but it will also prevent your cuticles from peeling off prematurely. It will also help you avoid infection and seal the nail root, which will keep your nails looking nice. Lastly, it can even make your natural nails more attractive if you use artificial nail enhancements.

Applying French tips without damaging natural nails

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You’ve probably heard about gel polish and how to apply French tips without ruining your natural nails, but have you wondered how to use it without damaging your nail bed? This article will cover some of the basic steps to ensure that you get the best look possible without damaging your natural nails. The primary step is to choose a clear polish that matches the base color of your natural nails. After selecting the polish, you’ll need to apply the topcoat. This topcoat is essential to ensure that your French tips look smooth.

Getting rounded white tips

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If you want to add some retro style to your nails, you can try getting rounded white tips for a French manicure. Whether your nails are natural or artificial, you can achieve this look by using white nail polish. A white base coat can help you achieve the perfect trip without worrying about the appearance of your nail beds. Then, apply a glossy topcoat to complete the look.

The original French manicure design uses white flowery tips and alternating black and white dots. It would be a stunning bridal look, but it would also look great in everyday wear. If you don’t have the time to visit a nail salon, you can try a simple mod French manicure instead. These rounded white tips are perfect for everyday wear, as well as ’60s-themed costumes. They add some pizazz to your look without being too busy.

To create rounded white tips for a French manicure, start by squeezing a moist moleskin pad on your natural nail. Moleskin pads are perfect for nail shaping because they prevent blisters. Once you have the correct shape, you can paint on a white polish to make it look polished. Make sure that your nail polish color matches the white tips. It will be much more difficult if you don’t have white nail polish.

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