Why do my nails break so easily?

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Why Do My Nails Break So Easily?

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Many people wonder why their nails break so easily. There are many causes, including improper nutrition, vitamin deficiency, and dryness. Read on if you want to find out why your nails break so easily. You may even be suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome! Read on to learn more about these conditions and how to deal with them. The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology has more information about nail breaking.

Improper nutrition

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These white marks are caused by vitamin B6 or zinc deficiency, or they may result from damage to the nails. Depending on the cause, the solution may differ from person to person.

Because nails are made up of protein, you should include protein-rich foods in your diet daily. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you may consider adding more legumes, fish, or eggs to your diet to get the needed protein. Also, you should avoid excessively wet and soapy water, as this can cause peeling and breakage of your nails.

If you’ve noticed cracked fingernails, consult a dermatologist. If you’re unsure of the exact cause, consult a dermatologist. Many people with cracked fingernails have an underlying medical condition, such as iron deficiency anemia. In such cases, biotin levels in the diet may be high enough to reverse the disease. If you’re not sure what’s causing your cracked fingernails, consult a dermatologist to rule out other causes.

Eating more protein and silica-rich foods can help strengthen your nails. A diet rich in nuts, soybeans, and lentils will help improve iron absorption. These are also a good source of magnesium and protein. Cucumbers, cashews, and avocados are other foods rich in silica. They also contain trace minerals that help synthesize and produce connective tissue.

Vitamin deficiency

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There are a lot of common signs that you might have a vitamin deficiency, including thin, brittle nails. You may even tell whether your nails are healthy or not by the color, texture, and shape. Listed below are a few of the most common causes and how to treat them. Keep reading to learn about the treatment for different nail conditions.

Lack of vitamin D can easily cause your nails to become brittle, crack, or break. You may also experience mood swings, low energy, and chronic skin and nail diseases. A vitamin D deficiency is easily remedied by supplementation or sunlight or by eating foods high in vitamin D. Foods high in vitamin D, such as fortified dairy and swordfish, are good sources of this essential nutrient. In addition to these, you should also consider iron and zinc deficiency.

While most brittle nails do not result from a vitamin deficiency, they may be a sign of an underlying health condition. In rare cases, nails can become brittle due to an underlying condition, including iron deficiency anemia and thyroid disease. If this is the case, it is essential to seek a medical diagnosis to rule out any other causes of brittle nails.

If you suspect a fungal infection, you may want to consult your doctor. In addition to treating the disease with a prescription or over-the-counter antifungal medication, you may need to remove your nails. In the meantime, you can try some at-home treatments to help your nails stay healthy. Try chewing gum or stress balls to distract yourself from the habit. If you’re a habitual nail chewer, consider investing in an anti-biting varnish to prevent further damage. Finally, consider taking supplements to help your nail health.

Dry nails

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There are several reasons why you should moisturize your nails. Water and solvents from cleaning agents can dry your nails out. It causes them to break more easily. It is also essential to wear gloves when handling water or cleaning products to protect your nails. Taking a daily vitamin supplement is also a great way to strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking. Here are some ways you can do this. You can also wear Austin sandals when wearing them.

If you notice that your nails are brittle, you may be suffering from a fungal infection. Fungal infections can lead to brittle nails, discoloration, thickening, crumbling, and pin warping. Your nails need a steady supply of nutrients, so try eating a balanced diet that contains plenty of vitamin C, B, and E. Another cause of dry, brittle nails is anemia.

Cold, dry weather also affects the quality of your nails. Winters are particularly harsh on your hands and nails. It is also best to wear gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and overhydration. During the winter, try to keep your nails short, as it will decrease the surface area of your nails, thereby reducing water and chemical absorption. Filing will keep your nails smooth and prevent splitting and breakage. The most effective way to avoid these problems is to avoid using harsh chemicals or working in extreme heat or low humidity.

You can also try soaking your nails in water for at least 15 minutes to help them retain moisture. If your nails have white tips, they will be more accessible to type and text. The problem with dry nails is that water dries out the skin around your cuticles, affecting the nail matrix, resulting in brittle, soft, and brittle nails. In extreme cases, this condition can lead to cracking and breaking of the nails.

Raynaud’s syndrome

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A decrease in circulation in the blood vessels in the fingertips is the cause of Raynaud’s Phenomenon. If you suffer from this condition, you will notice blue or discolored fingernails and pain in the area. You can improve circulation by wearing gloves and avoiding contact with the affected areas. If you have severe symptoms, however, you should see a dermatologist.

There is no cure for Raynaud’s syndrome, but you can avoid specific triggers. Although cold environments trigger most episodes, the disease may also be triggered by emotional stress. Although primary Raynaud’s is usually not dangerous, a physician can prescribe treatment if the symptoms continue to progress. Some treatments for secondary Raynaud’s syndrome include anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.

Although this disorder usually affects the hands and feet, it may also affect the ears, nose, lips, and nipples. In some cases, the condition can lead to severe throbbing. For people who suffer from this condition, a doctor may prescribe medication such as beta-blockers, which treat high blood pressure or angina. A physician may also prescribe a treatment to reduce pain caused by primary Raynaud’s.

Treatment for primary and secondary Raynaud’s disease aims to prevent episodes and heal skin ulcers. The latter is aimed at preventing the development of ulcers and tissue damage. If you develop skin ulcers, the treatment may include calcium channel blockers, alpha-blockers, and non-specific vasodilators. While some medications may help you control your symptoms, others may not be effective.

Thyroid disease

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Brittle nails may be a sign of a problem with your thyroid gland. Thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism, which is responsible for turning food into energy. If your nails seem brittle or split, this could signify that you have a thyroid disorder. Your doctor will likely do a blood test to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment may include vitamin supplements, hormone replacement therapy, or surgery.

Other symptoms of hyperthyroidism may include a softer face and fingernails. You may also notice rashes, lumps, or reddish patches on your skin. Some people with this condition also experience difficulty sleeping or have irregular menstrual cycles. Women with this disorder may notice that their periods become lighter and their nails break more easily. They may experience irregular periods or have an abnormally short menstrual cycle.

Other signs of thyroid disease include white vertical ridging in your fingernails. Ridging may be present on both sides of the nail bed. Your fingernail may be yellow in some cases, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have thyroid disease. A blood test may reveal any other problem with your thyroid. If your nails break easily, your doctor may suggest another testing option to find the cause of your problem.

Another common symptom of thyroid disease is rough cuticles. This condition is known as Paronychia, associated with a protein deficiency. The thyroid produces Tyrosine, a primary amino acid responsible for regulating your body’s function. If you’ve lacked this protein, your nails might be breaking more frequently than usual.

How to Grow Nails Faster

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Follow these tips if you are looking for a quick and easy way to grow your fingernails. Firstly, asymmetrically pair the nails. Will let light enter the pins while keeping them compact. Secondly, you can use a multi-purpose nail file – a dry micro-gum or a flat metal file. A multi-purpose nail file helps to grow nails faster than other surfaces.


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Many hair and skin formulas contain biotin. But some people take biotin supplements to grow their nails faster. Biotin is an essential water-soluble B-complex vitamin that helps your body convert food into fuel. It would help if you also had biotin to maintain a healthy nervous system, eye health, and skin. The body also requires it to metabolize fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is found naturally in food, such as egg yolks, nuts, and grains. Biotin supplements have the potential to cause problems with lab tests, however, and may not be effective if your nails are brittle. However, 2.5-milligram tablets may help improve your nails’ firmness, hardness, and thickness. You should avoid taking supplements of biotin if you suffer from brittle nails.

Some people are even deficient in biotin, leading to white spots and nail bed issues. The best biotin sources are eggs, meat, fish, and seeds. However, if you’re a vegetarian, you may need a supplement to get the proper levels. If you don’t consume these foods, you may also be deficient in vitamin B12. If you don’t eat these food sources, you may need to take a biotin supplement to fill in the gap.


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If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your nails fast, the answer is easy: use eggshells. These contain calcium and protein that can help strengthen your nails. You can also blend eggshells with almonds or flax seeds for a natural powder. Mix one teaspoon of eggshell powder per cup of warm water and rub it on your nails every morning. The combination is said to grow claws and strengthen your cuticles.

Eggs are packed with proteins, which are essential for healthy nails. You can also get biotin, a nutrient that strengthens your nails. Consuming adequate biotin can make your nails up to 25% stronger. Furthermore, eggs are rich in biotin, a micronutrient that reduces splitting and improves thickness. Eggs are also a great source of folate, an essential nutrient for nails.

You can also use eggshells to stimulate nail growth. Crushed eggshells can be mixed with clear nail polish or crushed eggshells to help grow your nails. You can apply these to your nails once or twice a week for optimum results. One method involves placing crushed eggshells on the nail bed before applying clear nail polish. This treatment takes about five to 10 minutes and causes faster nail growth. You can use eggshells to make DIY nail soaks.

Tomato juice

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Tomato juice is a great natural cure for weak nails. It contains vitamin C and biotin, which improve the keratin infrastructure of the nail, which in turn will grow faster. You can even make your tomato juice by mixing half a cup of tomato juice with two tablespoons of olive oil. Soak your fingernails in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes, and voila! Faster, thicker, and healthier nails!

Applying a tablespoon of tomato juice to the nail and cuticles every day will help your nails grow faster. It will add moisture to the skin, which helps promote fast growth. You can even use the juice to treat fungal infections. While doing this, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterward, as tomato juice is highly acidic. If you’re not a fan of the taste of tomato juice, you can try applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your hands after applying tomato juice to your nails.

When growing tomatoes, it is best to use the freshest ones possible. The tomato juice you get is clean and looks great. It looks so good because it has been purified of all the bad stuff that would otherwise damage your nails. Because tomato juice contains biotin, tomatoes have excellent nutritional value and are great for building solid and long nails. To use this natural remedy, mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with olive oil and soak your fingernails for half an hour or more.

Olive oil

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You may be wondering whether olive oil helps grow nails faster. If you are, you’re not alone. The longest part of your body is susceptible to damage, including dry, cracked, and brittle nails. You can also develop fungal infections or an abscess filled with harmful bacteria. Consider applying olive oil to your nails and fingers every day to remedy these problems. Here are some simple tips to get your nails growing faster.

Apply olive oil to your nails twice a day. Olive oil moisturizes your nails, but it also improves the blood circulation around your fingernails. Apply it before going to bed. You can also use coconut oil, which is rich in vitamin E. Once your nails start growing, you can stop applying oil. This method will make your nails grow faster. Try it today! You’ll be glad you did.

You can use olive oil to repair damaged nails and cuticles. Olive oil is a deep-nourishing oil that helps prevent calcification, a process that can cause your nails to become thick and cracked. It also helps to increase blood circulation, which promotes nail growth. You can leave the oil on your hands overnight to see the effects. If you’re unsure, you can soak your nails in olive oil for 15 minutes.


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Do you want to know how to grow your nails faster? Keeping a saltwater aquarium can help your nails grow fast. The seawater has various beneficial minerals and is perfect for ornamental purposes. Besides helping your nails increase, this method can also make them taste great. Try soaking your nails in it for at least 10 minutes a day. You will feel a pleasant burning sensation afterward, but you will surely notice a difference in a couple of weeks.

Besides the beneficial effects of saltwater, it can also strengthen your nails. The salt can also soften your cuticles, allowing you to grow your nails faster. Another way to improve your nails is by soaking your nails in olive oil mixed with saltwater. You can use lemon juice or baking soda, but consider that lemon juice might sting your fingernails. After soaking your nails in the mixture, wipe them with a fresh towel and apply a bit of petroleum jelly or anti-bacterial ointment. Follow the instructions carefully, but do not spend more time than is recommended.

Apart from applying oil to your nails, you can also use green tea. It contains lecithin, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants that promote healthy nail growth. You can apply it to your fingernails overnight or a couple of times a week. Green tea also contains antioxidants that improve your nails’ condition. Use it on your nails to soak them for about five minutes, and then follow it up with good hand cream.

Exfoliating nails

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Exfoliating your nails is an essential part of nail care, as it removes dead skin and product residue from the nail bed. It would help if you also kept them moisturized to prevent breakage and split ends. Lastly, cutting your nails every week will help maintain a natural arc. Exfoliating your nails also promotes better blood circulation throughout your body and the nail bed. You can also incorporate massage into your daily routine for better nail growth.

Olive oil is another helpful product that promotes faster nail growth. Olive oil contains vitamin E, improving blood circulation and promoting more rapid growth. To your nails and cuticles overnight. You can also soak your nails in warm olive oil for at least 15-20 minutes. Apart from regular massage, make sure you eat a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Getting rid of dead skin is another way to promote fast nail growth. You should moisturize your nails daily and ensure that you don’t use harsh chemicals on them. Also, remember to moisturize your cuticles regularly. Natural oils are great for locking in moisture, preserving the cuticle seal, and strengthening your nails. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Adigun suggest castor oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil.

Vitamin B9

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Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, is an essential component of the human body. It is found naturally in leafy vegetables and avocados. It also plays a vital role in the growth of cells in the body. Role in nail growth, folic acid also plays a crucial role in the metabolism of food and its conversion into energy. If you’re interested in growing your nails faster, consider taking a supplement with this vital vitamin.

Taking a supplement with this vitamin is not recommended for everyone, but it is worth trying if you don’t get enough in your diet. Foods rich in folic acids, such as carrots and spinach, will boost your nail growth. This simple vitamin also promotes healthy skin and hair. A whole spectrum B vitamin complex is a good idea for growing nails. And, if you’re looking for a convenient way to get your vitamins and minerals, you can try Vitamin B9 gummies.

While vitamin B12 does not directly affect nail growth, it is a crucial component of red blood cells. When your body does not receive enough of this vital vitamin, your nails will become brittle, spoon-shaped, or stubby. Taking a high-quality supplement with folic acid can help your nails grow faster. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the growth of red blood cells and oxygen transport to the pin. Folic acid can be found in dark green vegetables, avocado, legumes, and citrus.

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