Korean Nails - Top Nail Art Trends 2020

As someone who spends hour after hour shamelessly scrolling through my Instagram Discover feed, I've come across my fair share of new and innovative nail trends that have got me going, “What!!! How can I get that look?”

After a while, I started noticing this common nail style that looked something like this:

Prism Glass Korean Nails


And also like this:

korean glass nails by park eunkyung

The glass nail trend is just one of many nail trends that have found their way across the globe, originating all the way from the trendsetting, talented, and incredibly artistic country of South Korea.

Korean Nail Art Leads the Industry

South Korea is no stranger to being the leader in everything they do (did someone say KPOP?), and you can add nail designs to the long list of global innovations this country is known for.

Nails used to be an overlooked feature where the beauty focus was primarily on hair, makeup, and clothes.


Nails are essential. Kate Middleton does not get married to the future king of England without a perfect set of nude nails at her wedding. Cardi B would not be caught dead without a full-fledged set of blinged-out claws no matter the day of the week. You would not go to a job interview with a half fading manicure with raggedy tips. People now appreciate and understand that nails are an important part of one’s presentation, and an avenue for creative talent to make their visual mark on the world.

But major changes like this don’t come about simply just because. No, it requires someone with a passion and unique talent to get everyone to pay attention. And one artist who has had a pivotal role in this movement would be Park Eun Kyung.

Owner of Nail Studio Unistella - Park Eun Kyung 

World Renowned Korean Nail Artist Unistella

We’ve sung our praises to Park before in our roundup post about our favorite BLACKPINK nails - all designed by Park herself. And if doing nail designs for the biggest girl group in the world wasn’t enough to credit her name, Park is a master and leader of her craft. 

We give credit where credit is due. From the hashtags #brokenglassnail to #gemstonenails to #negativespacenails, Park is responsible for many of the nail trends you will see below. If you needed any more reason to understand why she is the leader in nail designs, let’s dive into the following portfolio of the most popular and creative Korean nail trends.

Korean Nail Trend #1: Syrup Nails

These nails are a trend that were extremely popular a while back in Japan and are now a popular trend in Korea. Syrup nails appear translucent starting from the cuticle then the color gradually melts and subdues into a darker tip. Similar to an ombre gradation, but only with one color rather than two by using successive layers of a single color. This nail design can be done with any color but is often done with pinks, purples, and other lighter colors.

 Syrup Nails Korean Trend

Purple Mermaid Syrup Korean Nails

Purple Syrup Korean Nails 2020 

Korean Nail Trend #2: Glass Nails

This nail trend looks exactly as its name sounds. Glass nails, also known as the shattered glass nail trend, are nails covered in holographic or seashell shards. When the pieces are put together, they often look like diamonds or other gemstones with fractures.

Diamond Glass Korean Nails 

Unistella Green Glass Korean Nails

 Pink Green Glass Nails by Soo
  Shattered Glass Nail Korean Trend 

Korean Nail Trend #3: Marbled Nails

This nail design was made to replicate the likes of marbled gemstones like Amethysts. Using cloudy white with light colors like purple and pink, this nail art gives the perfect marbled look. 

Purple Marbled Korean Nails Pink White Marbled Korean Nails 

Korean Nail Trend #4: Lipstick Nails

Forget your traditional almond or stiletto shaped nail, Korean nail art has once again changed the game with the introduction of lipstick nails. 

BLACKPINK Jennie Lipstick Korean Nails

Star Lipstick Shaped Korean NailsPurple Glitter Lipstick NailsNude Lipstick Korean Nails

Lipstick Shaped Korean Nails

Nude Shade Lipstick Shaped Korean Nails  

Korean Nail Trend #5: Pixie Dust Art Accent Nail


Pixie Dust Korean Nails 

Blue Pixie Dust Korean Nail Trend

Silver Black Pixie Dust Korean Nails 

Pink White Pixie Dust Korean Nails 

Korean Nail Art Trend #6: Tye Dye Nails 

Pastel Tie Dye Korean Nails

Neon Tie Dye Korean Nails 

Korean Nail Art Trend #7: Cloud Nails


Blue Sky Cloud Korean Nails

Pink Pearl Cloud Korean Nails