Sandoitchi - The Popular Japanese Sandwich Popup is in Austin!

Cuisine: Japanese Sandwiches

Current Stop: Austin, TX

Sandoitchi Popup Illustration

Forget lady sandwiches and tea, and say hello to mini Japanese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dessert!

If you haven’t yet heard of Sandoitchi, can you even consider yourself a foodie?

First opened back in June of last year, and already having garnered adoring legions of fans (with notables celebrities like Chrissy Teigen counting themselves amongst this list no less), it’s no surprise if you’re wondering - what’s all the hype, how are they so pretty, and how do I get myself one of those bad babies?

What is Sandoitchi?

“Sandoitchi” is the Japanese word for “sandwich.” The Dallas based pop-up is all about showcasing the Japanese sando, where the sandwiches are made with thick, fluffy milk bread. The pop up is running purely on to go orders and no dining in, inspired by the convenient store trademark of pre-packaged sandos in Japan.

Stack of Sandoitchi Sandos

Sandoitchi is made up of a small team - chef Stevie Nguyen (who worked at all Texas locations of Uchi, Dallas restaurant Niwa Japanese Barbecue, and New York’s now-closed Morimoto, operations manager Keith Tran, creative director Angel Acosta, and marketing director Andy Sirois. However, having a small team has done nothing to halt their massive success.

Having planned to launch back in 2020, the owners made a decision to delay a brick and mortar opening when the pandemic started. Rather than a permanent location, if you live in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, you might’ve had a chance to try out one of these cute and delicious sandwiches at one of their Texas pop ups.

However, if you don’t live in Texas, don’t fret. The pop up restaurant has plans to tour over to popular locations all across the US, bringing the delicious Japanese sandos to the masses. Sandoitchi has currently made its temporary residence in downtown Austin, where it is set to reside until January 30th, an extra week than previously planned, due to its unprecedented popularity in what many consider the food and music capital of Texas.

In fact, if you want to get a taste of Sandoitchi, you’ll have to act fast.

Sandoitchi Austin Sandwiches

How to Order Sandoitchi

An equivalent to the experience of trying to cop floor seats or pit tickets to a highly anticipated concert presale (an experience I know all too well), you’ll need to have your desired order and wallet ready to go right on the dot.

Sandoitchi does not take walk up or call in orders, but instead releases its menu every Sunday. Along with the menu, information about order pickup times and location are posted. The pop up works on a preorder basis for the week, so if you want the opportunity to snag one of those adorable and tasty sandwiches, you’ll need to set up your clock for when their website opens up for orders.

For its last week in Austin, Sandoitchi will be opening its website for preorders at 6 PM CST. In previous weeks, sandwiches have sold out in about 6 minutes or less, so when we say be ready, we really mean be ready. Otherwise, you might have to wait until the pop up decides to poke its truck back into town.

Sandoitchi Austin Preorder Alarm

We recommend setting your alarm for 5:58 PM CST, and waiting on the email page on the Sandoitchi website.

Sandoitchi Email Page

Keep refreshing as soon as it hits 6PM, and once the site is ready for orders, you’ll be able to place your order from that screen.

Sandoitchi Austin Ordering Screen

You'll know you've secured the goods when you get the following completed order screen:

Sandoitchi Order Confirmation Screen


The Sandoitchi Menu

Curious what’s on the menu?

While certain items may appear or disappear from the menu, there are also a few that you can expect to be on the list whenever Sandoitchi comes around.

Sandoitchi Sando Icons

Egg Salad - $9
Hot Menchi Truffle Chicken Katsu - $12
Ebi Katsu - $15
Fruit + Cream - $9
Pork Katsu - $12
A5 Wagyu Katsu - $75

Ebi Katsu - $15 


Austin Week #1 and #2 Menu

Sandoitchi Austin Menu Week 1 and 2

Austin Week #3 Menu

Sandoitchi Austin Tx Menu

    Sandoitchi Fruit + Cream

    The Fruit + Cream Sando from Sandoitchi


    The Hot Menchi Chicken Katsu Sando from Sandoitchi

    From what we’ve found through our Instagram detective work, you can expect the Egg Salad, Hot Menchi Truffle Chicken Katsu, and Fruit + Cream sandos to make an appearance every week, but be sure to check the weekly menu for accurate updates and offerings.

    What’s the A5 Wagyu Katsu?

    And by that, we know you’re actually asking, what are you putting in a sandwich that makes it $75???

    Although we haven’t tasted it ourselves, the A5 Wagyu Katsu is a sight to behold, so we can only imagine how it sits on the tastebuds. Made from A5 Hokkaido wagyu, exquisite black summer truffles, cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, and beautiful gold flakes to top it all off, the Wagyu sando makes you reconsider the idea the humble sandwich. 

    Sandoitchi A5 Wagyu Sando

    If you want to be able to try this sandwich when it comes into town, we recommend this expert tip: don’t buy anything else. If you try adding more sandwiches in your cart, it will take you too long to get through adding items to your cart and checking out, and we can promise you that the Wagyu sandwiches will be sold out in the first minute. If you happen to snag a A5 Wagyu sandwich and there are other menu items not yet sold out, then click like the wind and order whatever else from the menu your heart desires!

    Grab a Sando from Sandoitchi While You Can!

    If Sandoitchi happens to make a pit stop in your town, be sure to have your wallets ready. If you’re a foodie or even just an avid Instagrammer, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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